Tuesday, May 26, 2015

little runner

while i was packing at home, david took the boys out to run around.  they checked out the spanish fork north park--in the summer the splash pad will be on--there's a huge amphitheater, a fun park, etc.    david said pace ran along the wall of the amphitheater, down the stairs, across the grass, up the other stairs, and across the wall over and over and over, just doing laps.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

wee school graduation

we were planning an outdoor water party for our wee school graduation, but it's been in the 50s-60s and rainy pretty much the entire month of may.  (insert grumbly face here)  so we decided to have a movie party instead.  we prepared little graduation caps, medals, "good job" goodie bags, diplomas, and an abc graduation booklet (we've also been keeping a little wee school blog of all our lessons/field trips--i've turned that into a book and we'll get it in the mail soon!).  camille's family moved halfway through the year, but she came back for the graduation party!  
our little class: lynlee, jessa, calvin, camille, max (he was so excited to see his "school friends", but when we started putting on hats and medals and taking pictures, he did not want anything to do with it!...pace tried to help him be happy for his picture)

groups shots...oh man, even better!  by that point, three of the five kids were melting down, didn't want to be there, and definitely did not want their picture taken!  

oh, wait, we're going to eat popcorn and watch a movie?  and we get goodie bags?  ok, i'll smile now...

big hero 6 movie screen set up in the basement!

pace's preschool graduation

pace's preschool had quite the graduation ceremony!  everything from singing songs, reciting poetry, wrapping a maypole, dancing the chicken dance, and walking across the stage with a graduation cap and collecting a little certificate.  wow!  at the end of the night pace said, "daddy, that thing we did today with school was really fun."  i would have to say my favorite part was definitely the chicken dance--pace sure knows how to shake it!

making sure he got the words/motions right

that pesky tassle...

at least he's wearing a tie, albeit swinging it around...

i'm sure this was some sort of helicopter rotor demonstration...either that or a shooting the enemy with his lasers kind of thing going on...

time to smile for your moms and dads, and get some treats!

we've loved hearing about pace's "school friends", about things he's learned, and that class has been a fun outlet for him!
(max saw the reindeer vest hanging in his closet and insisted, "i am wear heindeer!")


i walked in and gasped--i LOVE our countertops!  i love that the whole color scheme is coming together how we'd imagined it to look!  i also love that this is finally a kitchen that has enough space for all my kitchen-y stuff--so excited to fill these cabinets and drawers and pantry shelves!

and the boys wanted me to take a picture of them being silly

Thursday, May 21, 2015

payson temple open house and a couple other things

we made it over to the payson temple open house on monday--what a stunningly beautiful temple!  the boys love the fountain in the front.  fun fact: someone from our ward helped design and construct the stain glass windows!

last night for scriptures pace picked out the picture of nephi building the boat.  as we were looking at the painting in the book and talking about it, pace constructed his own "nephi boat", and packed all the necessary items: bathtub, potty chair, couch, chair, bed, grill, wheel, yield sign, tv.  i was really glad to see the potty chair on there.

roman shade:  finished!  it was surprisingly easy!  the first time going through a project always takes a while; i bet i could make another one, with all the materials on hand, in two afternoons, no sweat!  can you see the seam where i had to piece together the fabric to fit the crazy wide window?  didn't think so;.)

how about from this angle?  not bad, right?

finished product from the back

and rolled up in front

Saturday, May 16, 2015

3 weeks until closing!

we've been waiting a couple weeks on the cabinet guy, so when they were installed this week and we got a text from our realtor with a photo of the kitchen and a note saying we're officially three weeks away from closing, we hopped in the car and went down to take a look!  we were also happy to see the brick going up on the outside.  

i love this space and i'm so excited to make cinnamon rolls on that island!

pace's new favorite stuffed toy is a little horse david got from a wells fargo representative from a presentation they made at ups one morning.  this little horse goes everywhere with pace--its legs are already scuffed up to almost the body and aren't so white anymore.  pace wanted to show me how his horse knew how to surf on a shim he found in the house.

we drove down again today.  it's been cold and rainy the past two days straight and the boys needed to get out of the house.  so we bundled everyone up in raincoats and boots and went down again.  the only difference was all the fronts and hardware installed on the cabinets.  no too much brickwork from wednesday; it's just been to wet. 

funniest story ever--we often stop to grab lunch or dinner in spanish fork if we go visit around that time and the boys are hungry.  we've gone to different places every time, just trying out the sf cuisine.  we hit up carl's jr. one day as the boys requested a "cheeseburger store".  this carl's jr. has a pretty large play area inside for kids, at least three stories high with twisty slides, bouncy cars/airplanes hovering above the ground, etc.  max is still too little to figure out how/want to climb up and up, but pace kept climbing to the top.  we're eating and all of a sudden we hear cries of terror from pace.  i was worried he'd fallen or something, so i run over to his voice and don't see a body on the ground, so then i start asking where he is.  

pace is afraid of heights, and climbed up without looking down, until he got to the top...and stopped to look around.  there was a window right next to the twisty slide and pace could see all the way to the bottom and got really freaked out.  pace sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night with night terrors--screams and cries, and when i go in there and scoop him up in my arms, his eyes are wide open even though he's still asleep, and he has the look of sheer terror on his face.  it takes a while for me to wake him up and help him realize he's safe, awake, and with me at home.  anyway, hearing his voice was the same cry of terror as a night terror.  i tried to coax him down the slide, but he was just frozen in fear.  i didn't know where he was along the slide--caught somewhere in the middle, near the top, so i just started climbing, and didn't find him until i got to the very top of the twisty slide.  he lunged into my arms and we went down the slide together.

ok, the funny part.  you know how kids know landmarks for things as you're driving around?  pace and max will always point out certain stores we go to and what we get in each store.  so now, whenever we drive past this carl's jr. in spanish fork, pace and max always point out that restaurant, and call it the "restaurant with the scary playground that traps kids."

also, now that we've gotten somewhat of an official deadline--three weeks away--i've gone into what david calls my "making sparkly things among twigs of a nest" mode.  we've been thinking about window treatments and wanted to get at least the bedroom windows ready before moving in for privacy.  we didn't want to go the wood blinds route in our last house, and we knew how much we spent on getting those for the windows, so we thought maybe curtains or shades of some kind.  we settled on the idea of roman shades.  after looking them up and seeing the (way high) prices to dress one window, i found a diy roman shade video, and thought, i can totally make these!  we agreed i'd try one window that didn't have a "pair", so i wouldn't have to make two shades, and i priced everything out.  once i got all the materials, i spent about $75 to make my own shade (i splurged and got really expensive fabric--it was 50% off at joann's, but the total still came to $35).  the shade is currently inside out and being fitted with the wooden dowels, so it is unavailable for a photo shoot, but here's a screen shot of the fabric i went with:

once everything is said and done, i think the hardest part of making your own roman shade will be fitting the cord through the pulley system.  the sewing part has been pretty easy so far...pictures of the finished product are coming...as soon as i get there.  i was planning on making the rest of the curtains/shades after we moved in, but then david came home form work saying bed bath & beyond was having a great clearance sale and he saw window shades in a clearance bin outside while making a delivery one day.  so we checked it out and found cellular/roman shade combos on clearance with an extra 20% off!  after scouring the orem store clearance bins and also heading up to the two stores in salt lake friday night, we have window coverings for all the windows in our house for under $500!  we are pretty excited!  i still plan on adding a little "cafe curtain" at the top of the shades, to add a little touch to each room, but my sewing labor time will be seriously reduced...

anyway, before tackling the really nice roman shade i didn't want to mess up, i thought i'd reacquaint myself with my sewing machine with an easy project and make new pillow covers:  looking ahead at the grey sectional couch we'd eventually like to have in the front room, i made new covers for the couch pillows.  i also made new covers for the little pillows on our bed.  super glad joann's has all their fabric on sale right now...  

and then i upped the ante with making my own curtains with lining for the boys room.  sometimes mistakes are great--i forgot david measured the windows on the inside for shades, so when i sewed up the first panel, it hung perfectly inside the window, instead of having enough length to hang outside on a curtain rod.  i figured it'd be fine and we could get a spring-loaded rod or something, but when i went back to the store to get fabric for the second panel, i found cute fabric i knew i could just sew on the bottom to add length.  they turned out super cute--the first panel took me three days to do, and the second one took me three hours...i didn't use a pattern, so i'm pretty happy with how they turned out!  i spent $180 and made 12 new pillow covers, curtains for the boys room (with blackout lining--hopefully this will help them sleep until 7 or 8?), and got all my materials for one roman shade.