Saturday, September 15, 2012

the photo shoot

uncle jon erik saved the day again with the most adorable knicker outfits for the how could we pass up an opportunity for a photo shoot?!  we went to a nearby park this morning and took lots and lots of photos.  i divided up the following four posts based on location in the park, just so you aren't inundated with 50 photos all at once.  we went to the fountain first, then the tool shed (cute wood board background), then the playground, then the flowerbeds.  they are posted out of order, but that's ok.

post one (this one): the playground.  chronologically, we hit the park after shooting at the fountain and tool shed.  pace couldn't wait any longer to play at the park.  his biggest smiles during the whole photo shoot are in this section--right after i told him we were done at the fountain, and to run across the field to the park.  mid-field, an airplane flew by overhead, and pace stopped to check it out.  i realize i haven't been in too many photos lately, so i included one of me spotting pace while he's climbing the steps (or "beps", as he calls them).  i love, love, love the b+w photos at the end of this post.

the flowerbeds

post two:  the flowerbeds.  we hit the flowers after the playground.  after climbing all those "beps," pace was thirsty!  he asked for some water back at the car, and then we walked over to the flowerbeds.  he perked up when david asked him to find the colors of the flowers.  we asked him to run and find us a purple flower, then orange, then pink, or white, or yellow, etc.  he thought that was a pretty neat game.  that and sitting in the bushes.  max got a little nap in while we were flower hunting.

the tool shed

post three: the tool shed.  all i did was ask pace to stand next to max.  that was too big a request, especially after asking him to hold max in his lap by the fountain!  poor pace was in meltdown mode.  i love how max is just hanging out, sporting the 1930s thug look.  at least we got a couple of dimpled smiles.  i also think it's hilarious how max's neck and chin swallow his bow tie.  uncle christian would be proud of max's bubble-blowing ability.  

the fountain

post four: the fountain.  have i mentioned max, my three and a half month old baby, weighs in at 17 pounds (why is he still waking up every 2-3 hours to eat at night?!)?  i am dressing him in 6-9 month clothes, which he comfortably fits.  can you see the shirt buttons tugging?  it's a good thing we got some photos before max outgrew this little outfit!  pace was ok standing next to max, as long as he had a stick to hold...but as soon as i asked him to hold max instead if the stick...all the brother shots are hilarious!