Thursday, March 5, 2009

matching socks

when i was in elementary school i ran for student body secretary.  i want to say i was in third grade, but i really don't remember.  i also don't remember why i wanted to run; i wasn't a very outgoing person, i had zero secretarial experience, and i wasn't a popular kid (and we all know student body stuff is for the "it" crowd, right?).  my mom helped me write my little speech--i think it was composed of answering questions prepared by the teachers.  in answer to a question about organization, my mom suggested i give the example of how i sort, wash, and fold all my laundry on my own.  i thought this was silly, but i couldn't think of any other example.  the day of the speeches, the candidates went to the library and gave speeches in front of a camera--they were taped and played the next day for the rest of the students.  shy and embarrassed little me clammed up even more in front of the camera.  when it came time to give my laundry example i felt myself turning bright red and i couldn't look at the camera.  the next day we all gathered in the pod to watch the videos so the students could vote on their picks.  i didn't watch myself when i popped up on the screen.  suffice it to say i did not become the secretary.

i interviewed today for office manager of utah valley pediatrics provo office.  the interview went from bad to worse.  i felt myself clamming up, the words echoed and rattled around my head, and they made no sense when i could finally mumble an answer.  i felt like i had laundry answers all over again.  
"so, tell me a challenge you had and how you overcame it."  
mind blank.  mind repeating question.  mind counting clock ticking.  
"well, once i had to prioritize loads of laundry and decide if i should do darks or lights first..."  
"give me an example in the last 7 days that you had to multi-task; how did it go?"  
"hello..i vacuum, do laundry, mop floors, and clean the bathroom all at the same time, while entertaining the birds..."  
half-way through the interview, the administrator sat back in his chair, gave me a head to toe wary look, and asked, "so what is it you want to do?"  i sort of crumpled, took a deep breath, and said, "gee, i guess i thought working as a medical assistant for 8 years and graduating with a bachelor's in community health while maintaining a 3.9 gpa would qualify me for something.  oh, but i need to warn you, i don't match socks anymore--i just throw them in the drawer and find the match later when i need it."  i guess that final sock comment clarified things for both of us...

6pm is not the new 6am

i tried to make 6pm my new morning time...i slept (fitfully) during the day, went to a 6pm spinning class at the rec center, stayed up at night, and spent two nights at my job.  i left a resignation letter on my supervisor's desk wednesday morning after i clocked out.  i have never left a job after only two days, and i feel kind of like a schmutz.  there were lots of reasons to leave, but it all comes down to the job just not being a good fit, and i unfortunately didn't know that until after i'd started it.  so i'm on the job market again... 
i am so grateful to have david--a supportive, loving husband who sticks by me and my decisions, who works so hard to provide for us, and who offers me the luxury of time to find the right job.