Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what else happened during bishka's visit?

other than a temple visit and cheering david's marathon, we painted a father's day mug for daddy

bishka showed pace how to put his hand print on the mug--and that kept him occupied for the next 30 minutes!

had some treats at the sweet tooth fairy

we went to the byu art museum to see minerva tichert's pioneer series

played in some cool sculptures

had a fancy art museum lunch

and, of course, some more treats!

went to the races with the horses in the reading nook at the byu bookstore

you can tell it's been a busy day and boys are ready for a nap when this little guy makes his mad scrunchy face:

and this little guy gets silly:

pace loves helping out in the kitchen--so he and bishka made a special children's cake!

and we made bread

max practiced his teapot moves

i got to do most of my runs 75 pounds lighter!--there was, of course, one or two days when pace wanted to come with me--depending on the distance and route, we see trucks at a construction site, we cross bridges and rivers, up hill, down hill, under bridges--too much fun to miss for a two year old!

we also went to the community pool one night.  we went one night last summer (our realtor from when we bought our house still sends us customer appreciation invites to all sorts of fun events), and pace loved swimming around in the pool and watching the buckets drop water on kid's heads.  he hasn't stopped talking about it since we were last there!  pace enjoyed himself, all be it somewhat chilly and chattering his teeth most of the 90 minutes we were there.  max, on the other adventurous, throw himself into anything, lunge out of your arms for fun--i thought he'd have a blast going down the kiddie slide in my arms.  bishka and pace went down the slide, and max and i followed; bishka said max had a look of terror on his face, and he screamed bloody murder at the bottom of the slide when we hit the water (this kiddie slide is all of 3 feet off the ground, maybe 4 feet?).  max does NOT like the pool, splashes, or swimming around.  the poor thing even screamed when bishka and pace went down the slide for the second time, and tiny splashes of water hit his feet.  it took a good 30 minutes to get him calmed down.  he eventually stood in the water, but i'm afraid i've scarred him for life!

utah valley marathon: 3:55

the third day of bishka's visit david ran in the utah valley marathon!  he's been training hard and steady this year, sticking with a training schedule, losing 40-ish pounds, and ran a fast 1:30 half marathon 6 weeks prior to the marathon...and then ended up with something along the lines of tibial-fracture-runners-knee-posterior-tibial-tendonitis-strained-calf-illiotibial-band syndrome (tfrkpttscibs syndrome for short).  that landed david right into the physical therapist's office three days a week for muscle stripping, deep muscle massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and lots of epsom salt baths at home.  needless to say, he was in quite a bit of pain up until 10 days before the marathon.  as it was, david crossed the finish line at 3:55--beating his last year's time by 10 minutes, and setting a new family record!  it must have been the shaved legs that made him that much more aerodynamic...

pace was very excited to pick up the packet with david!

breakfast of running champions:  banana with crunchy peanut butter

camped out at the finish line, waiting to see daddy!

here he is!

we also got to see progress on the new provo city temple, right off center street.  they have the entire tabernacle on stilts while they are digging what will be the underground parking garage!  how cool is that?!

(i didn't have time to shower and change after running my 10 miles that morning--good thing i fit in with all the other sweaty runners!)

nothing better than hanging out in the inflatable pool at home later that day!
pace also spent the rest of the afternoon making "race shirts" for everyone.  he found word cards from a game we have (word fragments that you put together to form full words), found the scotch tape, and handed everyone a word fragment card with a piece of tape so we could all tape them on the front of our shirts, like the race number david had on his shirt.  "look!"  pace exclaimed very happily, "race shirt!"

and just because these faces are hilarious...

temple visit

pace has been asking to go see the temple for a while, so when we went to the dr's office for max's one year check up, we decided to drive to the timpanogos temple, right up the road from the office.  we sat down for a snack, and then strolled around the grounds to get some fun photos and let pace look at everything.  bishka tagged along, too, having arrived just the previous day!