Saturday, August 15, 2009

snow. on timp. in august.

catch up

hello fan club.  i'm finally taking a minute to catch up and post a few photos from our life.  i wish i had a reason for procrastinating posting on the know, like we went on a month-long vacation backpacking europe, or that we'd gotten stuck climbing the jungfrau and one of those dogs carrying a barrel of (hot chocolate?) around their necks had to come rescue us, or even that i've been photo journaling our summer and have a million things to post.  unfortunately not the case.  the truth is that the summer flew by without us seeing much of it.  the last day i remember is sometime in april before i started commuting to salt lake.  after that it's been a blur of books on cd (for the commute), a couple of bike rides (one of which i had to literally go and dunk myself in utah lake to cool off), making a video with kids we teach at church (they had us rolling we were laughing so hard!--maybe we'll post it here later), and two more super huge changes (more on that later).  for now...let's go back to the 4th of july:
bob and eddie came down for the weekend and we went up to sundance to ride the ski lift up the mountain and get a view of the valley(s) from the top.  it was a gorgeous day for hiking and riding lifts!

that evening we went to the stadium of fire for the 4th of july show.  david's been wanting to go every year we've lived here, and this year we decided to do it.  he found four tickets off ksl and we saw shedaisy (is that how you spell it?), the jonas brothers, and an amazing fireworks display.  dad is wearing his glenn beck shirt.  glenn hosted the concert and all dad wanted to do was shake his hand and get his autograph.  maybe next time.  i'm not a personal glenn fan, but i'd stand in line with dad to make him happy:.)


some are more patriotic than others.

some of the fire.

in other news, i am in the midst of changing jobs (again)...this year has certainly been an interesting job escapade.  i am going back to the pediatric company i worked for before, just a different office.  i'm joining their triage team and will be doing health promotion projects for the office.  let's just say i've learned a lot about myself and i'm excited to keep moving forward.  we are also in the process of closing on a house.  we will be moving at the end of the month, provided everything up until closing goes smoothly.  the house is just a few blocks south from where we are now, so not much of a lifestyle change there.  and the best news is i can bike to work starting on the 24th.  no more i-15!