Sunday, October 26, 2014

busy bishka visit!

 after working my tail off all day thursday around the house--more cleaning, packing items to declutter, cleaning up the outside yard--we had three showings on friday!  and one of them resulted in an offer!  ups was also asking for drivers to take time off between now and thanksgiving (they have hired so many drivers this year they need to get them trained before peak!)--david ended up getting the week off!  what a great way to start off bishka's visit!  the house was already clean and spotless, no stress from selling since we got an offer, and we'd have david home all week!  as it turned out, bishka and i even got some girl time to go see a movie, go out for lunch, and go to the temple together!

(i am not sure when i took this picture--it wasn't during buck's visit, but it's pretty hilarious to watch the boys play together)

pace knew bishka would have more birthday goodness for him!

one present was a cool experiment book, which is great for pace.  he loves to see how things work, inside and out, and experimenting is right up his alley!

more birthday fun:  building a wrecking ball/crane truck with daddy!

bishka tradition:  visit to the byu art museum to get us some culture, then a fun lunch at the museum cafe!  bishka shows pace the paintings online first, they gather some questions, and when they see the paintings in person, pace is so excited to see the familiar details.  

"m!  m, hax [max]!" ...max was very excited to find his favorite letter!

and of course, the best part--dessert!

running around outside, on our way tot he bookstore

...and riding the horses!  another of the boys' favorite tradition!

we went to the pumpkin patch with pace's preschool class!

pace--always the little leader--pulling everyone else along!

pace and his spooky ghost tricks!

and his little running legs!

this pumpkin patch has a playground at the end!  always the best place for the boys!  i just realized these photos are all of max...pace must have been running around too fast for a photo...

and, of course, lots and lots of truck time!  pace's first request after getting the orange trash truck was to give it "googly eyes" so it could watch a show with him.

birthday piñata

we saved pace's birthday piñata from bishka until she was out here for a visit!  we brought it along with us to the park when we took family photos, and had some good times trying to break open the candy!  david ended up breaking pace's walking stick in the process...

is this how you hang this thing?

what's up there?

pace knows what to do...

taking turns...

game face!

daddy finally came to the rescue and cracked that piñata open!