Friday, May 8, 2009

the best part of being blonde part II

the best part of being blonde when you graduate with a b.s. in community health...
  • everyone comes to visit, and your employer lets you off early to celebrate.
  •  the wolverine is very chivalrous and holds your balloons for you 
  • everyone is happy and smiling even though it's cold and rainy instead of being sunny, warm, and cloudless on may 1st
  • the university gives you a medal for maintaining a 3.9 GPA.  brunettes didn't get one.  even if they had a good GPA.

  • you're easy to spot in the crowds because you're hair "glows".  notice everyone else had to actually call their loved ones in the audience because they couldn't find them.  not me.
  • because you won the "husband lottery", he was loving, supportive, attentive, and proud of you throughout the entire schooling process.  yes, it was a process.