Sunday, February 4, 2018


We started off the new year having Bishka's pod delivered.  It's been such a mild winter here--in the high 40s and 50s, and very little snow.  We're all kind of worried about what it means for the farmers and water for their crops and animals, but we sure appreciated not having to worry about snow and ice when the pod was delivered.  We rounded up some friends and had everything unloaded under an hour.

During the school break I had the boys doing their computer programs, Max at one point shouted out, "Mommy!  I get to do an abacus!"  Since going back to school, we've discovered Max has already finished one of the programs for his grade, the little smarty pants.  We'll have to find out if that means they'll bump him up to the 1st grade curriculum for his computer days, or just let him chill when they have computer days at school?  

The boys got really into their microscopes lately.  We got one for Pace's birthday last year, and Uncle Jon Erik sent one for his birthday this year, now both the boys have one, and they've been loving it.  I love hearing Max say, "Check out this microscopic thing!"  

Pace wanted me to get this picture of him posing with Rocket.  He's got the whole Inigo Montoya look down.

Pace was so excited about these two assignments.  First is a write up on penguins, he was very excited he got the full points possible.  The second is his journal write up, he is starting is very own Minecraft story.  He said he wanted to write for 15 minutes a day whenever he didn't have school--he plans to have a 16-chapter story.

Max gets to spend a lot of time with Bishka these days--I'm auditing a CHES prep class at UVU on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, in preparation for the CHES exam I'm taking in April.  I'm also going to start attending a CHES study group on Wednesday afternoons at the health department.  So lucky to have Bishka here, or none of this would happen!  Max loves having one-on-one time--he and Bishka draw, play games, look at "find-it" books, etc.  He's also become an expert at doing his homework on his own.  He'll read the instructions and do the assignments on his own; I rarely am able to catch him before he does it on his own!  This one time I caught Pace helping him understand how to write an addition equation.  

Max's class had "Dads and Donuts" day; I went instead of David because he leaves for work too early.  We did their cute morning routine and then had donuts and milk, and did a couple fun projects.


I have some good friends that are into helping me celebrate finishing classes and semesters!  My one good friend, Becky, has a side business with her husband where they do all sorts of wooden craft decor signs.  I asked her to fashion a hanging "frame" for this awesome fruits and veggies poster.  It came out perfectly, and the boys love looking at it.  My other really good friend, Jessica, does all sorts of metalworks, including stain glass.  I asked her to make some wings for this pig I'd found, and it came out so perfectly!  A perfect way to end that class last semester!

We love having 1pm church!  We have time in the morning to go to choir and have home evening and calendar review all before church.  

I spent one Saturday morning making our very own Leland Ward Mormon Message about Visiting Teaching for our February evening meeting.  A new family moved into our neighborhood, and they are both involved in film making--so they were a shoe-in for the project!  Can't wait to see the finished result!

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